Setting Up a Dish on a Tripod

If you use our Home Away From Home program and take your services with you, or live in
an apartment building or condo where you can’t install a dish on the building, putting a dish
on a tripod may be the best option for you. Wondering how to put it all together? Here’s a
quick guide for you to follow!

Once you’ve purchased your tripod and dish kit, you’ll need to choose a location
to set everything up. Our satellites are located above the Equator, due south of Fort McMurray,
Alberta (111.1° west longitude), so generally speaking, you will need a clear line of sight to the
south (if you live west of Fort McMurray, the view should be more to the southeast, while if
you live east of there, it should be more to the southwest).

You should have the dish, tripod and post that goes into the tripod,
feed support arm, clamp mount, cable clip, and LNBF, and
stabilizing screws (these would be used to keep the dish secured to
the ground, kind of like spikes for a tent). You will require wrenches,
vice grips, or pliers to complete this job.

First, you’ll want to set up the tripod itself. Start by pulling the legs apart so that the tripod
is standing upright. Now, insert the pipe into the centre of the tripod, and tighten the bolts
until the pipe is secure.Now Level the pipe on both sides before installing dish!
Very Important or the settings don't mean a thing.

Attach the clamp mount to the dish by aligning bolt posts
with slits on sides.Ensure that the larger side of the bracket
(right side of photo) is pointing towards the bottom of the dish.

Insert screw bolts into holes on back of dish.
Tighten only very lightly at this point.

Take the dish, and attach the feed support arm to it, tightening bolt until secure.

Place dish on tripod and tighten bolts so that dish is secure.

Slide LNBF into end of arm, and tighten bolt so that LNBF is secured to the arm.

One very important part of this setup is to make sure the pipe in the tripod is level before
you put the dish on it and that the tripod is securely fastened so that it does not move or
get blown over before you mount the dish onto it. This ensures the settings on the back
of the dish will be correct when you go to aim the dish.

Your dish and tripod should now look something like this:

From this point, you’ll want to align the dish and run cables as outlined in our self-installation
document. When this is done, you can secure the cables using the cable clip that was included
with the dish.

Your dish should now be fully assembled and ready for use! If you require any further
assistance with your installation, please do not hesitate to contact us here, on Facebook, Twitter,
or by calling our Technical Support team at 1.888.554.7827.