Shaw Direct Installation tips

DSR6XX Reset

Soft Reset:

    Hold the Power button on the front panel of the receiver until unit shuts off and resets (takes about 1mn).

Hard Reset:

    Hit the Options button at the bottom of your remote (next to 0)
    Press 4-9-8-8-6
    Wait for the rest procedure to be complete
    Contact us for a rehit

Screenshots are available here.

Network Map (QKU / XKU)

If you're unsure about the type of LNBF installed on your dish, you can type Option 1-1-3-3 on your remote followed by "A" to run a self test.

Screenshots are available here.

Corrupted EPG

If your EPG displays "NO INFO" on every channel, it might be corrupted. You can flush the EPG with this procedure:

    Option 4-9-7-7-1
    Select "Guide Data" (F)
    Press "C" on the remote to flush the EPG
    Pay attention to the info on the left of the screen
        ID represents the day of the EPG or the type of data
        TOTAL represetns the number of files needed to download the ID data
        PROC represents the file download status
    When the EPG has been completely downloaded, "Guide Loading Status" will say "Complete"

Map Status

    Quad Ku Classic: 4320
    Quad Ku Advanced: 4322
    xKu Classic: 4321 (6XX) or 4325 (non 6XX)
    xKu Advanced: 4324

Screenshots are available here.

DSR630 Single Tuner Mode

HDPVR 630 Only - Single Tuner Mode & Reserve Tuner for Live TV

(Software v. 50.25 and above)

Customers that are limited to only one line connection from their dish can enjoy the use of a PVR. In this mode dual recordings will not be permitted and you cannot watch a live program while recording another since only 1 tuner is active (PVR/VOD can still be accessed though).

You can also choose to only have one program record at a time, while the other tuner is reserved for watching live programs. The PVR will use its Smart Recording features to reschedule any potential dual recordings. Users can choose between 2 settings All the time or “Prime time” for peak hours (6 PM – 10:59 PM local time).

You can find these in features in Settings -> Preferences-> Tuners & Storage

Screenshots are available here.

Pre-DSR6XX Reset Procedure

You can always perform a SOFT RESET on your Shaw Direct receiver by holding the POWER button on the front panel of the receiver until the unit shuts off and performs a soft reset (takes about 1mn).

To perform a HARD RESET on the 207/209/317/500HD/505HD/530HD, follow this procedure:

    Set the receiver to channel 299.
    Option 6-4-9-8-8-6.
    Reset the receiver.
    Wait 2mn, make sure the receiver is on Ch. 299 and is receiving a signal.
    You will have to call Shaw Direct for a rehit, so only do this procedure if all else fails.


This will bring up a list of shows that you thought you deleted but for  some reason they
didn't delete. They just stayed hidden all this time.  Doing the PVR FLUSH will remove
all your recording timers you've set but  will preserve your recordings. You will get a
warning screen before you  perform the the Flush but go ahead and DELETE and then
delete all those  old hidden shows that are taking up your harddrive space. Then reset
your timers and you should be set to go and your hard drive indicator on  the PVR
List should be back to normal levels.

To perform this PVR FLUSH on MENU,press OPTIONS-9 (even though there is  no
option 9) and then press 7-8-7-3-5-8-7-4. Read the warning screen and  then
press DELETE to clean up the drive. Then delete all those old  shows.

The PVR FLUSH is NOT the same as a Factory Reset so it won't screw up  your
channel mapping and wiil not take forever to reload your  programming guide.