Home Away from Home Program has been replaced.

Shawdirect is No Longer sanctioning you to take your equipment out of Canada. Do not Call them from the US/Mexico!

Email info@simplysatellite.ca if you have any further questions.

                                                                    This is How the New Program works.

2nd Home is an exclusive program offered to Shaw Direct customers looking to stay connected with Shaw Direct, and the MOST HD IN CANADA, all year round. The purpose of the program is to allow a second dish to be installed at a 2nd Home location in Canada, so that customers can continue to enjoy Shaw Direct programming while at their Canadian vacation or 2nd home property. If the customer is in a Canadian self install area, we will ship them a dish.

Please note, as of May 31, 2013 we are replacing the existing Home Away From Home (HAFH) the new 2nd Home program.  The existing HAFH program is no longer available.  Customers are encouraged to call Shaw Direct to sign up for the new 2nd Home program.

Customers adding 2nd Home can have a second account with identical* programming to their primary residence, at 75% of the cost of that package – so a 25% discount.

If a customer does not want to pay for services at their primary location while they are at their second location, they can set up two (2) full accounts, without discount, and turn the accounts “on” or “off”, according to our regular Seasonal Break procedure.

Shaw Direct is the only Canadian provider to offer customers a discounted price for their programming at their second residences. Under Shaw Direct 2nd Home, a customer can have programming on at both addresses, simultaneously! This is great news for customers with family or friends in both locations at the same time.