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Effective September 14, 2009, all new Shaw Direct customers, with the exception of Digital Lite customers, will see
channel listings organized on their IPG in the popular cable TV listings format, called the Advanced Channel Lineup.

What are the differences between the Advanced and Classic lineup?

In Classic Channel Lineup channel numbers range from the 200s into the 900s. All Shaw Direct customers who signed
up prior to September 14, 2009 will see this channel lineup, often referred to as a satellite lineup.

The Advanced Channel Lineup is based on a style that is popular with cable TV and is what most of our new customers
are used to. This channel lineup ranges from channel 2 into the 900s. With the Advanced Channel Lineup local channels
are grouped by region, followed by the specialty channels, which are grouped by your subscription package.

How do I know what channel lineup I have?

If your channels start at channel 2 in the guide, then you have the Advanced Channel Lineup. If your channels start at
channel 200, then you have the Classic Channel Lineup.

This new lineup sounds great, how do I get it?

If you signed up with Shaw Direct on, or after September 14, 2009, then you should already be receiving the advanced
lineup, with the exception of Digital Lite customers. Customers who signed up prior to this date and new Digital Lite
customers can contact our Customer Care team to switch lineups.

How can I tell if the channel number you've listed is for the Advanced or Classic lineup?

We will continue to support both the Advanced Channel Lineup and the Classic Channel Lineup. Two channel lineups
may be referenced in our communications: the first is the classic channel and the second is the advanced channel, for
example: 299/2 (Classic / Advanced).